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Christian Names for Boys

Boys  Christian Names


This name appears in the Holy Bible.  It is derived from Latin and it means 'cheerful'.  Four popes and more than sixty saints are of this name.  This indicates a high popularity in the early centuries of Christianity. 


A number of saints and Spanish kings hold this name.  It is believed to originate from German and means 'adventurer'. 


This Irish name was that of many Irish saints.  It means 'greatest selection'.

Finian ( also written Finnian)

An Irish name referring to light colors.  A number of saints bore this name.


This popular Christian name is that of more than twenty five saints.   The most famous is St Francis of Assisi, a son of a wealthy business man who lived a humble life, and loved helping others.  It originates from Italian 'Francesco' and it means 'French'.


This name is a variation of Francis (above).


This name has many variations in Europe and is still popular.  Fred is used for short. 

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