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No download or installation necessary, just play and have fun.  More Christian games and Bible puzzles will be added on a regular basis.  The crossword Bible puzzles is a great Bible study tool that will improve your knowledge of the Bible.   

Christian Games and Bible Puzzles (Slide Puzzles only from


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Bible Crossword Puzzles

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Intellectual  Games

Rush Hour   The best puzzle and most challenging.
Hare & Hounds A 19th-century board game invented in France
Tetris   The Tetris puzzle.
3D Maze   You have to find your way of a 3D maze.
Mastermind The board game Mastermind (you vs. the computer).
Tower of Hanoi
IQ Game An slick challenging game based on an old classic.
Rubik Unbound A 3D Version of the Rubik Cube.
The 15 Puzzle An online version of the 15 puzzle.
Educational  Games

Time Clock   Great game for kids to learn how to tell time on a clock.


Action/Arcade Style

Ping Pong A simple Table Tennis game.
Breakout An interesting variation on the old breakout game. 
Nibbly    Help the worm eat the apples not itself - IE Only
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