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Christian Names for Boys

Christian Names for Boys


This name originates from German and means a 'bold friend'.  One saint bore this name but no other association with Christianity is found.


This name is usually associated with John the Baptist.  It refers to person who baptizes and originated from Latin.


This is the name of the companion of St. Paul.  There are many references to him in the New Testament.   It originates from Hebrew and it means 'son of comfort'

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It originates from Hebrew and it means 'son of  furrow'.  It is the name of one of the twelve Apostles and many other European saints.


It is popular name all over the Eastern Church.  It is Greek in origin, and it means 'royal personage'.


It means 'blesses by God' and it is Latin in Origin.  This name is bore by more than twenty saints.


The name of the youngest son of Jacob and is found a number of times in the bible.  It is used by both Christians and Jews but more by the latter.  It is usually used in its short form 'Ben'.   It means in Hebrew 'son of the south'.

Bernard ( also Barnard )

This name is German is origin and means 'brave as a bear'.  More than ten saints bear this name.  In the United States, nickname 'Bernie' is widely used.


It means 'smart raven' and believed to be of Germanic origin.  It has many forms such as 'Bertran' and 'Bertrand'.   A few saints that are not widely known bear this name.


This name originates from Latin and it means 'stammerer'.  It became famous because of St Blasie, the bishop of Sebaste.


It means 'prince' and it originates from Gaelic.  A number of saints carry this name.


This name is of Celtic origin and it means 'fast'.  It is known because of St Brice, Bishop of Tours.


It originates from German and it means 'brown'.  It's use was wide spread in Europe in the Middle Ages and a number of saints carry this name.


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