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Christian Names for Girls Starting with S

Christian names 


This name pertains to an old tribe that existed in early Christian times. There was a number of saints of this name.


Originated as a form of ‘Sarah’.


Originates from the Hebrew name ‘Sarah’ which means ‘princess’. This was the name of Abraham’s wife.


The origin of this name is Latin and means ‘tranquil’.


The origin of this name is Hebrew. Its meaning is not known.


A form of ‘Sharon’.


From the Greek meaning ‘knowledge’. There were a few but unknown saints of this name.


A form of ‘Sophia’.


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Originates from Latin and means ‘Star’.


The English of the Latin name ‘Stephania’ which is the female form of ‘Stephen’.


Originates from a Hebrew. There was a small number of little known saints of this name. An alternative spelling is ‘Susannah’. A common short form is ‘Sue’.


Comes from Latin and means ‘lumber’. An alternative spelling is ‘Silvia’.

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