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Christian Names for Girls Starting E

Christian names


The female form of ‘Edwin’.


This name is believed to have evolved from ‘Helen’. Its use was not common before the twentieth century. An alternative spelling is ‘Aileen’.


The French form of ‘Helen’. This name became popular after the nineteenth century.


A popular Jewish name. It is derived from the ‘Alienor’ which is a French form of ‘Helen’. Alternative spellings include ‘Elinor’ and ‘Elianor’.


The Italian as well as the Spanish form of ‘Helen’.


The Italian form of ‘Eleanor’.


Comes from the Hebrew word ‘Elisheba’ which means ‘devoted to God’. Aaron’s wife as well as the mother of John the Baptist bore this name. It can also be spelled with an (s) as ‘Elisabeth’. Short forms include ‘Elise’ (French), ‘Elisa’ and ‘Elsa’ (English).


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A alternate form of ‘Helen’.


This name originated from the Latin name ‘Aemilius’ meaning diligent. There were a few French saints of this name.


A popular name in the middle ages. Its origin goes to a German word which means ‘healer’. There were several saints of this name


The female form of ‘Eric’.


A very popular Jewish name. A woman of great significance in the Jewish history bore this name. The name became so popular that its use has spread among many people outside the Jewish community.


The Latin form of ‘Eve’.


The origin of this name goes to the Latin word ‘evangelium’ which means ‘good’ tidings.


This name comes from the Hebrew ‘Havva’ who was the first woman created by God.

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