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Christian Names for Girls Starting with H

girls christian names


It originates from Hebrew and means ‘graceful’. The mother of the prophet Samuel bore this name. ‘Hanna’ is the name from which ‘Anna’ was derived. The latter became very popular throughout Christian Europe.


This is the English for the French name ‘Henriette’ which is the female form of ‘Henry’.


Originates from the Greek name ‘Helene’ which means ‘light’. The mother of the Emperor Constantine bore this name. She is known for building many churches in the Holy Land. The English version of the this name, ‘Ellen’, became very popular.


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The Latin form of ‘Helen’.


The Latin version of ‘Henrietta’ which is the French female form of ‘Henry’.


Originates from Latin and means ‘Joyful’. There were several saints including a pope of this name. It can be also spelled ‘Hillary’.


Comes from an old German meaning ‘battle’.


One of the fundamental virtues of Christianity.

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