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Christian Names for Boys

Christian names


It is German in origin and it means 'rich land'.  There are several saints of this name. 


This name originates from Latin and means 'person from Laurentum'.  A number of saints bore this name.


The name of thirteen popes and more than ten saints.  This name originates from Latin and means 'Lion'. 


This name originates from German and means 'brave lion'.  Len is the short form of Leonard.


This name is of German origin and refers to 'bravery'.  A number of saints bore this name in the Middle Ages.


This Christian name was borne by many French kings and a number of saints.   Many variations exist such as Lewie, Lewis, and Luigi.  It is of Frankish origin.


The name of the writer of the third Gospel.    It originates from the Latin name 'Lucas'.


This most famous person of this name is Martin Luther King.  It is also used as a first name.  It is of German origin.

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