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 Christian Names for Girls Starting with D


Christian names girls


The Latin female form of ‘Daniel’.


The French female form of ‘Daniel’.


The Female form of ‘David’. An alternative spelling for the name is ‘Davinia’.


A popular Jewish name. It comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘bee’. Common short forms for this name include ‘Debbie’ and ‘Debra’.


The French female for of ‘Dennis’.

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Comes from a Latin word which means ‘desired’. This name was usually given to a child who had been wished for.


The origin of this name comes from Latin and it means ‘Goddess of the moon’. There were a few saintly women of this name in the middle ages.


The French form of ‘Diana’.


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This name originates from a Hebrew word which means ‘judgement’. An alternative spelling is ‘Dinah’.


Comes from a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, ‘Maria de los dolores’ which means ‘Mary of the sufferings’.


The Latin female form of ‘Dominic’.


The French female form of ‘Dominic’.


A modern American name. It originates from ‘Madonna’ which is derived from an Italian title of the Virgin Mary meaning ‘my lady’.


Comes from a Greek word meaning ‘of the sea’. There were several saints of this name, but it only became popular after the seventeenth century.


The English form of ‘Dorothea’ which is the female Latin name of ‘Dorotheus’ meaning ‘God’s gift’


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