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Christian Names for Boys

Christian names boys


This most famous saint of this name is the Irish saint St Patrick founded the Catholic church in Ireland in the fifth century.  This name is of Latin origin and it means 'nobleman'.  Sometimes the shortened form Paddy is used.


This popular name was that of Apostle Paul to the Gentiles, six popes, and more than thirty five saints.  It is Latin in origin and it means 'small'.


One of the most popular Christian names.  It was the name given by Jesus to Simon bar Jona, who he also chose at the head of the twelve Apostles.  It is of Latin origin and it means 'stone'.


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The name of one of Christ's Apostles who died a martyr.  This name was also of one of the seven leaders of the Church chosen by the Apostles (Acts 6:5; Acts 8:26).   This Greek name means 'one who loves horses' and is a popular name in Christian countries.


This Greek name was borne by a few biblical characters in the Old Testament. 

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