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Christian Names for Boys

Christian names boys


This biblical name  is the name of the son of Jephunneh and  Hezron.  It is a Hebrew name and it means 'bold'.


In Matthew 2:1, it refers to Magi from the East that came to visit Jesus the child.  Casper is on the legendary names given to Magi.  A number of saints bear this name.  The Dutch form is Jasper.


This name is German in origin and it means 'free man'.  Many variations exist in Europe such as Cary, Karol, Carl, Carlos.  Charles the Great or Charlegmane made this name popular.  A number of this saint bear this name.

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It originated from Latin.  It is the name given to the follower of Christ.


It originates from Greek, and it means 'the person that hold Christ's faith'.  This name is widely in use across Europe.


The name of a number of Irish saints.  It is Gaelic in origin.


It originates from Latin, this French version became popular in France because of St Claude of Besancon, a seventh century bishop.  It means 'lame'.


The German version of Nicholas.


It originates from Latin and it means 'Merciful'.  A number of popes hold this name. Short form is 'Clem'.


This name means 'strong' and originates from French.  A number of saints carry this name.


It originates from Celtic and it means 'mighty'.  A number of Irish saints bear this name.


This name is German in origin and it means 'brave Councellor'.  There are several saints of this English name.


Peter converted the Roman centurion 'Cornelius' (Acts 10:1-38).  One pope and several saints bear of this name.


Another variation is Cosmas.  This Italian name means 'order'.  It originates from Greek.  Several saints bear this name.

Crispian (also Crispan)

This name originates from Latin.  It's exact meaning in not known.   Several saints bear this name of which the most famous is St Crispin the shoemaker.


This Latin name is that of the Great Christian writer St Cyprian of Carthage.

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