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Christian Names for Girls Starting with B

christian names girls


This name’s origin is from a Greek word which means ‘unique’. This name is associated with several saintly women and is very popular in Christian Europe.


A very popular name in the middle ages. In Latin, this name means ‘a person who brings happiness’. The Italian and Spanish forms of this name are ‘Beatrix’ and ‘Beatriz’ receptively.


This name means ‘blessed’ in Latin and is popular in Christian Europe.


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This is the female form of Bernard.


The origin of this name is a Greek word that means ‘victorious’. The sister of king Agrripa bore this name (Acts 25:13).


A popular name in the middle ages. It means ‘clear’ and originates from Latin.


The origin of this name is a village which was mentioned in the New Testament (John 11:1, 12:1). Bethany is the village where Lazarus, Mary and her sister Martha lived.


The Italian form of the French name ‘Blanche’ which means ‘white’. There were many saints of this name.



The female form of ‘Brendan’.


There were several saints of this name in Europe which made it a popular name. The French and Swedish versions of this name are ‘Brigette’ and ‘Britt’ respectively. Commonly used short forms are ‘Biddy’ and ‘Bride’.

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