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Bible Stories : The Story of Moses

The Israelites who are descendants of Jacob lived in Egypt.  These people, also known as “the children of Israel’, became large in numbers which made the king of Egypt, Pharaoh, very worried.  Fearing that one day they would turn against him,  Pharaoh made the Israelites work for him as slaves.  Pharaoh also ordered that every new-born Israelite baby boy be thrown into the River Nile.


There was a man and his wife who had three children, Aaron, Miriam, and their baby brother.  When the baby brother was born, his mother hid him to save his life.  The baby was growing and his mother could not keep on hiding him anymore.  She decided to leave him on the bank of the River Nile where the king’s daughter comes to bathe.

When the princess of Egypt came to the bank of the River Nile she found the baby in the cradle and realized that he was a Hebrew child.  She decided to take the adorable baby and raise him as her own.  Just before the princess left, the baby’s sister, Merriam, who was hiding in the bushes, came out of the bushes and asked the princess ‘Shall I go and bring a Hebrew woman to take care of the baby for you?’.  The princess agreed, and Merriam went to fetch her mother.  The mother was very happy and grateful to God because she was going to be close to her child.  The baby whom the princess named Moses lived in the palace and was treated as if he were her son.

Bible Story : Moses found by the Pharoah in Egypt
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When Moses grew up, he found out that he was an Israelite.  He was angry at the cruelty and the brutality with which his people were treated.  One day Moses saw old men and children being whipped and beaten by the Egyptians to work harder.  This made him lose his temper and beat one of the Egyptians “taskmasters” to death.  When Pharaoh heard this, he ordered that Moses must be killed!  Moses however, fled Egypt to the land of Midian.
One day as Moses was walking, he saw a burning bush.  When he got closer, he heard the voice of God.  “I am the God of Israel, I have seen the sorrows of my people and I have heard their cry, and I will send you to bring my people out of Egypt.” Moses obeyed God, and went along with his brother Aaron to Egypt to set his people free and lead them out of Egypt to the Promised Land.

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