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The best protection for your family is a last will and testament

Prayers from the Old Testament
Theme Biblical Reference

Prayer for others

Genesis 18:16-33, Exodus 32:1-20

Prayers for confession           

Psalm 32, Psalm 51, Ezra 9:5-15

Dedication prayers                

2 Chronicles 6:14-42
A prayer of trust  2 Chronicles 20:6-12
Blessing    Psalm 90


Isaiah 38:3, 9-20

1 Samuel 2:1-10, Psalm 16

Trusting in God Psalm 23

Praising the Lord

Psalm 47
When in despair

Psalm 73, Jonah 2:2-9 

When discouraged Isaiah 40
When you want courage for a task Joshua 1
Prayers of Jesus Christ

Prayer of the Lord

Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4

Praise of how God reveals Himself

Matthew 11:25-26, Luke 10:21

When Lazarus is raised

John 11:41-42

When Facing death

John 12:27-28

For His followers

John 17

In Gethsemane

Matthew 26:36-44

From the cross

Matthew 27:46, Luke 23:34, 46


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