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Bible Stories : The Story of Joseph

Jacob, the son of Isaac, married Leah and Rachel and had twelve sons.  Jacob favored and loved his eleventh son Joseph the most among his brothers.  This made Joseph’s brothers jealous and cruel with him.  One night, Joseph dreamt that he and his brothers were binding bundles of corn in field, and that his brothers’ bundles bowed down to his bundle.  Another night, he dreamt that the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed before him.  Joseph told his father and his brothers about these dreams.  This made the brothers more jealous and full of hate towards their little brother Joseph.  The brothers decided to get rid of Joseph. 

The srory of Joseph and his brothers - Jesus One day when they were all away from home, the bad brothers threw Joseph into an empty well after tearing off his coat which his father had given him.  The brothers returned home with a piece of Joseph's coat, and told their father that a beast killed Joseph.  Jacob, Joseph’s father, cried many days for losing his favorite son.  While Joseph was in the empty well, a caravan of merchants passed by.  The picked him up and took him with them to Egypt as a prisoner!

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Joseph found himself a slave in Egypt, but he was loved and trusted by the people around him.  One day, Pharaoh, the king of Egypt had a dream where he saw seven fat cows on the River Nile.  Afterwards, The seven fat cows were eaten by seven thin cows.  Joseph was known to have the ability to explain dreams, so he was called to the house of Pharaoh.  After listening to Pharaoh’s dream, Joseph told Pharaoh that the seven fat cows resembled seven years of prosperity in Egypt, and the seven thin cows meant seven years of starvation following the seven good years.  Pharaoh was to choose a wise man who would store food in the years of plenty to be used in the years of famine.  Pharaoh knew that Joseph was this man, and he therefore appointed him governor of the land of Egypt. 

Story : Joseph in Egypt - Jesus
During the years of famine, people rushed to Egypt from many places to buy food.  Among the people, there were ten men who came from the land of Canaan.  They bowed before Joseph and asked in Hebrew to buy corn.  These were Joseph’s brothers whom he recognized immediately.  However, he did not make himself known to them.  He gave orders that their sacks be filled with corn and their money returned.  He also demanded they return back to Egypt with their youngest brother Benjamin.  To guarantee their return, he kept their (and his) brother Simeon as a prisoner in Egypt. 

The brothers returned home and told their father Jacob what happened.  Jacob, already sad about the loss of  Joseph and Simeon, did not want his sons to take their youngest brother Benjamin to Egypt, from the fear of losing him too. 

However, he unwillingly let him go.  The brothers went to Egypt.  Upon their arrival, they were invited to dine with the governor of Egypt, Joseph. Joseph treated his little brother Benjamin exceptionally well.  When the brothers were about to leave early the next morning, Benjamin was caught stealing a silver cup from which Joseph drinks.  As a punishment, Joseph ordered that Benjamin stay as a prisoner in Egypt while the rest of his brothers may leave in peace. Judah stood before his brother Joseph and begged him not to keep Benjamin as a prisoner, “We cannot leave our youngest brother Benjamin.  We had another brother, but he is dead, and if we lose Benjamin our father will die of sorrow.  I beg you to take me in his place”.  Joseph was affected by this and could no longer keep the secret.  Joseph kissed and embraced his brothers as he wept over them.  Joseph asked his brothers to bring his father to him.  Jacob could not believe that his son Joseph was alive.  He thanked God for the wonderful news and went to Egypt to see his son.  The father and his son were crying of happiness when they reunited, and Jacob said to Joseph, “My son, now I can die in peace, for I have seen your face again!.”

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