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Bible Stories : Crucifixion of Jesus Christ


On Friday morning, Jesus was brought before the Roman governor of Jerusalem for trial.  The priests were accusing Jesus of lying.  “He is telling lies to many people throughout Judea”, said one man.  “He claims to be the Son of God and calls himself the Messiah” said another.  Jesus remained silent and did not answer to these accusations.  The governor asked Jesus in private, “Are you the King of the Jews?”.  Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world; if it were of this world, then would My servants fight for Me”.  Jesus continues, “I am a king, and all who know the truth, know that my words are true”.  The governor did not know the truth but he knew that Jesus was not an ordinary man and could not sentence him to death, but the wicked priests of Jerusalem insisted the Jesus be crucified.  

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Outside the walls of Jerusalem, there was a hill called Calvary.  There were three dark crosses on the hill.  On two of them were thieves who were punished for bad things they did. Jesus Christ was put on the cross in the center with nails through His hands and feet.

Jesus’ mother Mary and His disciple John stood beside His cross comforting each other.  A group of Jews close by said to Jesus, ‘If you are truly the Son of God, then come down from the cross”.  Then they went away saying, “He saved others but He cannot save Himself”. Shortly after, the sky was filled with clouds and Jerusalem became dark.  The darkness lasted for many hours.  At that moment, all the evil in the world gathered around Jesus Christ, but the power of evil could not break the strong spirit of the mighty Son of God.  The spirit of Jesus left His body and went up to the heavens.

The body of Jesus, wrapped in a white shroud, was carried into a cave where it was to be buried.  The Roman governor, advised by the priests, ordered that the tomb of Jesus be guarded by soldiers.  The priests told the governor, “The tomb must be watched, so that his disciples cannot steal him away and say that he is risen from the dead”.

Jesus’ apostles were very sad and miserable, for their beloved teacher and master was no longer with them. 
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