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Names of Jesus in the Bible

The name Jesus comes from Greek for ‘Joshua’ which means ‘God is salvation’.  The name ‘Jesus’ was well explained in Matthew’s Gospel: “And she (Mary) will bear a son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for it is He who will save His people from their sins.”  Matthew 1:21

There are other titles for Jesus Christ in the New as well as in the Old Testament. (See Names  Below).



Names found in the New Testament
Title Meaning/Significance of names Bible reference

Son of God The special relationship of Jesus to God Mark 1:1
Son of Man The human identity of Jesus Matthew 8:20

Son of David

Jesus is descendant of King David Matthew 15:22


Jesus revealed God John 1:1

Lamb of God

Jesus is the sacrifice for world’s sin John 1:29


The Greek for ‘Anointed One’ Matthew 16:16


The one who saves John 4:14
Rabbi/Teacher Jesus taught people about God

John 1:38, Mark


Author of life One who gives life Acts 3:15

Alpha and Omega


The first and last letters of the Greek alphabets, 

meaning that Jesus is the beginning and the end

Revelation 1:8

Lion of Judah A title of the Messiah Revelation 5:5

King of Kings/Lord of Lords

The ruler of all people Revelation 19:16
Bright Morning Star The one who gives light Revelation 22:16
Word of God Jesus is the voice of God Revelation 19:13
Holy and Righteous Attributes of Jesus Acts 3:14
Head of the Church The leader of all Christians Ephesians 5:23

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Names found in the Old Testament
Title Meaning/Significance of names Bible reference 

Immanuel God with us Isaiah 7:14
Prince of Peace Jesus will bring everlasting peace Isaiah 9:6
Wonderful Advisor Jesus will always rule with honesty and justice Isaiah 9:6
Mighty God Jesus is supreme Isaiah 9:6
Eternal Father Jesus is eternal Isaiah 9:6


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